IBT Publications by Naber of the year 2020

Journal Articles (1)

A. Naber, D. Berwanger, and W. Nahm.
Geodesic Length Measurement in Medical Images: Effect of the Discretization by the Camera Chip and Quantitative Assessment of Error Reduction Methods.
In Photonics, vol. 7(3) , pp. 1-16, 2020

Conference Contributions (3)

A. Naber, J. Chaykowski, J. Jimmy, and W. Nahm.
Diffuse reflectance Monte Carlo simulation to assess the transit time error in intraoperative fluorescence angiography.
In SPIE Photonics Europe, 2020
A. Naber, D. Berwanger, G. K. Steinberg, and W. Nahm.
Spatial gradient based segmentation of vessels and quantitative measurement of the inner diameter and wall thickness from ICG fluorescence angiographies.
In SPIE Photonics West, vol. 11229 1122916-2, 2020
M. Reiß, A. Naber, and W. Nahm.
Simulating a Ground Truth for Transit Time Analysis of Indicator Dilution Curves.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 6(3) , pp. 268-271, 2020