IBT Publications by Schuler of the year 2018

Journal Articles (1)

S. Schuler, A. Wachter, and O. Dössel.
Electrocardiographic Imaging Using a Spatio-Temporal Basis of Body Surface Potentials—Application to Atrial Ectopic Activity.
In Frontiers in Physiology, vol. 9:1126, 2018

Conference Contributions (2)

S. Schuler, A. Loewe, and O. Dössel.
Forcing Transmembrane Voltages to Decrease Slowly: A Temporal Regularization for ECG Imaging.
In Computing in Cardiology, vol. 45, 2018
A. Müller, E. Kovacheva, S. Schuler, O. Dössel, and L. Baron.
Effects of local activation times on the tension development of human cardiomyocytes in a computational model.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 4(1) , pp. 247-250, 2018