IBT Publications by Loewe of the year 2013

Conference Contributions (6)

J. Liu, A. Loewe, M. Zenge, A. Lefebvre, E. Mueller, and M. S. Nadar.
Elora: Enforcing Low Rank for Parallel MR Reconstruction.
In International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, pp. 2652, 2013
A. Loewe, E. Poremba, M. W. Krueger, O. Dössel, and G. Seemann.
Fast Marching Simulation of Atrial Excitation: Towards Personalized Ablation Planning.
In TRM Forum, 2013
A. Loewe, M. Wilhelms, F. Fischer, E. P. Scholz, O. Dössel, and G. Seemann.
Impact of hERG Mutations on Simulated Human Atrial Action Potentials.
In Biomedizinische Technik/Biomedical Engineering, vol. 58(s1) , 2013
A. Loewe, M. Wilhelms, J. Schmid, M. J. Krause, F. Fischer, E. P. Scholz, O. Dössel, and G. Seemann.
A Hybrid Optimization Approach for the Adaptation of Cardiac Ion Current Formulations to Voltage and Patch Clamp Data.
In Cardiac Physiome Workshop, 2013
W. H. W. Schulze, F. Elies Henar, D. Potyagaylo, A. Loewe, M. Stenroos, and O. Dössel.
Kalman Filter with Augmented Measurement Model: an ECG Imaging Simulation Study.
In FIMH, LNCS 7945, pp. 200-207, 2013
O. Dössel, G. Seemann, A. Loewe, Y. Lutz, and M. Wilhelms.
Simulating the Effects of Drugs and Genetic Defects on Atrial Electrophysiology.
In TRM Forum, 2013

Student Theses (1)

A. Loewe.
Arrhythmic potency of human electrophysiological models adapted to chronic and familial atrial fibrillation.
Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Masterarbeit. 2013