IBT Publications of the year 1989

Journal Articles (2)

O. Dössel, M. H. Kuhn, and H. Weiss.
Magnetic fields in medical diagnostics - MR and Squid.
In Philips Technical Review, vol. 44(8-10) , pp. 259-267, 1989
T. Helgason, P. Lukas, and G. Vossius.
[Use of evolution strategy as a control algorithm in functional electrostimulation].
In Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical Engineering, vol. 34 Suppl, pp. 159-160, 1989

Conference Contributions (1)

O. Dössel.
Principles of sensor error correction.
In CompEuro '89., 'VLSI and Computer Peripherals. VLSI and Microelectronic Applications in Intelligent Peripherals and their Interconnection Networks', Proceedings, 1989