IBT Publications by Wouters

Journal Articles (1)

C. Hornberger, P. Knoop, W. Nahm, H. Matz, E. Konecny, H. Gehring, R. Bonk, H. Frankenberger, G. Meyfroidt, P. Wouters, J. Gil-Rodriguez, L. Ponz, K. Benekos, J. Valais, J. Avgerinos, A. Karoutis, A. Ikiades, and S. Weininger.
A prototype device for standardized calibration of pulse oximeters.
In Journal of clinical monitoring and computing, vol. 16(3) , pp. 161-169, 2000

Conference Contributions (1)

C. Hornberger, W. Nahm, P. Knoop, H. Gehring, P. Wouters, and E. Konecny.
Nicht-invasive Erfassung von Blutspektren durch zeitaufgelöste in vivo Spektroskopie - Noninvasive detection of blood spectra by time resolved in vivo spectroscopy.
In Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical Engineering, vol. 42 s2, pp. 217-8, 1997