IBT Publications by Weese

Journal Articles (1)

N. Smith, A. de Vecchi, M. McCormick, O. Camara, A. F. Frangi, H. Delingette, M. Sermesant, N. Ayache, M. W. Krueger, W. H. W. Schulze, R. Hose, I. Valverde, P. Beerbaum, C. Staicu, M. Siebes, J. Spaan, P. Hunter, J. Weese, H. Lehmann, D. Chapelle, and R. Rezavi.
euHeart: personalized and integrated cardiac care using patient-specific cardiovascular modelling.
In Interface Focus, vol. 1(3) , pp. 349-364, 2011

Conference Contributions (3)

J. Weese, J. Peters, I. Waechter, R. Kneser, H. Lehmann, O. Ecabert, H. Barschdorf, F. M. Weber, O. Doessel, and C. Lorenz.
The generation of patient-specific heart models for diagnosis and interventions.
In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 6364, pp. 25-35, 2010
D. Kutra, A. Saalbach, H. Lehmann, O. Dössel, A. Groth, S. Dries, M. W. Krueger, and J. Weese.
Automatic multi-model-based segmentation of the left atrium in cardiac MRI scans.
In MICCAI 2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 7510, 15(Pt 2) , pp. 1-8, 2012
H. Nickisch, H. Barschdorf, F. M. Weber, M. W. Krueger, O. Dössel, and J. Weese.
From image to personalized cardiac simulation: Encoding anatomical structures into a model-based segmentation framework.
In Proc. of STACOM'12, pp. 278-287, 2012