IBT Publications by Thorpe

Conference Contributions (2)

A. Thorpe, Z. Chen, W. H. W. Schulze, M. W. Krueger, J. Relan, H. Delingette, R. Razavi, C. Rinaldi, and K. Rhode.
Enhanced workflow for BSPM and ECGi using X-ray based Electrode Localisation.
In Bioengineering12, 2012
M. YingLiang, U. Mistry, A. Thorpe, R. J. Housden, Z. Chen, W. H. W. Schulze, C. A. Rinaldi, R. Razavi, and K. Rhode.
Automatic Electrode and CT/MR Image Co-localisation for Electrocardiographic Imaging.
In FIMH, LNCS 7945, pp. 268-275, 2013