IBT Publications by Tóth

Journal Articles (3)

Z. Kohajda, A. Loewe, N. Tóth, A. Varró, and N. Nagy.
The Cardiac Pacemaker Story-Fundamental Role of the Na/Ca Exchanger in Spontaneous Automaticity..
In Frontiers in Pharmacology, vol. 11, pp. 516, 2020
Z. Kohajda, N. Tóth, J. Szlovák, A. Loewe, G. Bitay, P. Gazdag, J. Prorok, N. Jost, J. Levijoki, P. Pollesello, J. G. Papp, A. Varró, and N. Nagy.
Novel Na/Ca Exchanger Inhibitor ORM-10962 Supports Coupled Function of Funny-Current and Na/Ca Exchanger in Pacemaking of Rabbit Sinus Node Tissue..
In Frontiers in Pharmacology, vol. 10, pp. 1632, 2020
A. Loewe, Y. Lutz, D. Nairn, A. Fabbri, N. Nagy, N. Toth, X. Ye, D. H. Fuertinger, S. Genovesi, P. Kotanko, J. G. Raimann, and S. Severi.
Hypocalcemia-Induced Slowing of Human Sinus Node Pacemaking.
In Biophysical Journal, vol. 117(12) , pp. 2244-2254, 2019

Conference Contributions (2)

A. Loewe, Y. Lutz, D. Nairn, A. Fabbri, N. Nagy, N. Toth, X. Ye, D. Fuertinger, S. Genovesi, M. Kuhlmann, P. Kotanko, J. Raimann, and S. Severi.
Can Hypocalcaemia Cause Severe Sinus Bradycardia and Asystole in Dialysis Patients?.
In Clinical research in cardiology: Official journal of the German Cardiac Society, vol. 109(Suppl 1) , pp. 1, 2020
N. Nagy, A. Loewe, Z. Kohaida, K. Halász, N. Tóth, J. Levijoki, P. Pollesello, T. Koskelainen, L. Otsomaa, A. Tóth, J. Gy, and A. Varró.
Selective Inhibition of the Cardiac Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger by a Novel Compound ORM-10962 Modulates Spontaneous Automaticity.
In European Working Group on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology, 2017

Student Theses (1)

F. Toth.
Vergleich zweier Verfahren zur Segmentation von medizinischen Bilddaten mittels topologisch veränderbarer Aktiver Konturen.
Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Institut für Biomedizinische Technik. . 2004