IBT Publications by Seidel

Journal Articles (2)

T. Seidel, J.-C. Edelmann, and F. B. Sachse.
Analyzing Remodeling of Cardiac Tissue: A Comprehensive Approach Based on Confocal Microscopy and 3D Reconstructions.
In Annals of Biomedical Engineering, vol. 44(5) , pp. 1436-1448, 2016
J. Greiner, A. C. Sankarankutty, G. Seemann, T. Seidel, and F. B. Sachse.
Confocal Microscopy-Based Estimation of Parameters for Computational Modeling of Electrical Conduction in the Normal and Infarcted Heart.
In Frontiers in Physiology, vol. 9:239, 2018

Conference Contributions (2)

T. Seidel, C. Selzman, D. Diakos, A. G. Kfoury, W. T. Caine, L. McCreath, J. H. B. Bridge, S. Drakos, and F. B. .. Sachse.
Towards Prediction of Favorable Cardiac Functional Response During LVAD Unloading by Microstructural Analysis of Cardiac Tissue.
In Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium, 2016
T. Seidel, T. Dräbing, G. Seemann, and F. B. Sachse.
A semi-automatic approach for segmentation of three-dimensional microscopic image stacks of cardiac tissue.
In FIMS, LNCS 7945, pp. 300-307, 2013