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A. Loewe, Y. Lutz, M. Wilhelms, D. Sinnecker, P. Barthel, E. P. Scholz, O. Dössel, G. Schmidt, and G. Seeman.
In-silico Assessment of the Dynamic Effects of Amiodarone and Dronedarone on Human Atrial Patho-Electrophysiology.
In Atrial Signals, 2015
G. Lenis, Y. Lutz, G. Seeman, A. García-Alberola, J. L. Rojo-Álvarez, O. Barquero-Peréz, E. Gil, and O. Dössel.
Post Extrasystolic T Wave Change in Subjects With Structural Healthy Ventricles Measurement and Simulation.
In Computing in Cardiology, vol. 41, pp. 1069-1072, 2014

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