IBT Publications by Schwenter

Journal Articles (3)

T. Kessler, H. Nahme, N. Schwenter, and O. Dössel.
Hot electron plasma of high density in Xe and Kr crystals.
In Optics Communications, vol. 55(1) , pp. 22-27, 1985
O. Doessel, H. Nahme, R. Haensel, and N. Schwenter.
Transient absorption and luminescence of rare gas crystals.
In J. Chem. Phys., vol. 79(2) , pp. 665-670, 1983
G. Balssen, O. Dössel, H. Nahme, and N. Schwenter.
Stimulated emission in argon crystal around 10eV.
In Journal of Luminescence, vol. 24/25(Pt 2) , pp. 535-538, 1981

Conference Contributions (1)

N. Schwenter, O. Dössel, and H. Nahme.
Stimulated vacuum ultraviolet emission from rare gas crystals.
In AIP Conf. Proc., vol. 90, pp. 163-176, 1982