IBT Publications by Schuderer

Journal Articles (1)

M. Kircher, G. Elke, B. Stender, M. Hernandez Mesa, F. Schuderer, O. Dössel, M. K. Fuld, A. F. Halaweish, E. A. Hoffman, N. Weiler, and I. Frerichs.
Regional Lung Perfusion Analysis in Experimental ARDS by Electrical Impedance and Computed Tomography..
In IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol. 40(1) , pp. 251-261, 2021

Conference Contributions (2)

F. Schuderer, M. Kircher, B. Stender, T. Bluth, M. Gama de Abreu, and O. Dössel.
Introducing a Linear Gamma Variate Fit to Measure Pulmonary Perfusion with Electrical Impedance Tomography.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 6(3) , pp. 345-348, 2020
M. Kircher, F. Schuderer, B. Stender, T. Bluth, T. Gama de Abreu, and O. Dössel.
Nonlinear and Piecewise Fitting of Indicator-Enhanced EIT signals: Comparison of Methods.
In Innovative Verarbeitung bioelektrischer und -magnetischer Signale. Proceedings BBS 2020, 2020

Student Theses (1)

F. Schuderer.
Optimized modeling of nonlinear indicator dilution curves in Electrical Impedance Tomography to measure regional lung perfusion.
Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Bachelorarbeit. 2018