IBT Publications by Savio-Galimberti

Journal Articles (1)

E. Savio-Galimberti, J. Frank, M. Inoue, J. I. Goldhaber, M. B. Cannell, J. H. B. Bridge, and F. B. Sachse.
Novel features of the rabbit transverse tubular system revealed by quantitative analysis of three-dimensional reconstructions from confocal images.
In Biophys J, vol. 95(4) , pp. 2053-2062, 2008

Conference Contributions (2)

J. H. B. Bridge, E. Savio-Galimberti, and F. B. Sachse.
Confocal imaging of t-tubules and ryanodine receptors suggest that local control theories cannot explain excitation-contraction coupling in heart.
In J Physiol, 2008
F. B. Sachse, E. Savio-Galimberti, J. I. Goldhaber, and J. H. B. Bridge.
Sub-micrometer anatomical models of the sarcolemma of cardiac myocytes based on confocal imaging.
In Pac Symp Biocomp, vol. 13, pp. 390-401, 2008