IBT Publications by Savio

Conference Contributions (3)

E. Savio, J. Frank, M. Inoue, J. I. Goldhaber, M. B. Cannell, J. H. B. Bridge, and F. B. Sachse.
High-resolution three-dimensional confocal microscopy reveals novel structures in rabbit ventricular myocyte t-tubules.
In Biophys. J (Annual Meeting Abstracts), 2007
E. Savio, J. I. Goldhaber, J. H. B. Bridge, and F. B. Sachse.
A framework for analyzing confocal images of transversal tubules in cardiomyocytes.
In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4466, pp. 110-119, 2007
J. H. B. Bridge, E. Savio, J. Goldhaber, C. Davidson, and F. B. Sachse.
Sparks evoked by cardiac action potentials are synchronized by the Na current and Na-Ca exchange: Studies on the function of couplons.
In Proc. XXII Latin-American and 1st Ibero-American Congress of Physiological Science, 2006