IBT Publications by Punske

Journal Articles (1)

B. Taccardi, B. B. Punske, F. Sachse, X. Tricoche, P. Colli-Franzone, L. Pavarino, and C. Zabawa.
Intramural activation and repolarization sequences in canine ventricles. Experimental and simulation studies.
In J Electrocardiol, vol. 38(4 Suppl) , pp. 131-137, 2005

Conference Contributions (2)

F. B. Sachse, G. Seemann, D. L. Weiß, B. Punske, and B. Taccardi.
Accuracy of Activation Times Detected in Simulated Extracellular Electrograms.
In Proc. CiC, vol. 31, pp. 93-96, 2004
F. B. Sachse, B. W. Steadman, J. H. B. Bridge, B. B. Punske, and B. Taccardi.
Conduction Velocity in Myocardium Modulated by Strain: Measurement Instrumentation and Initial Results.
In Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, vol. 5, pp. 3593-3596, 2004