IBT Publications by Pollesello

Journal Articles (1)

Z. Kohajda, N. Tóth, J. Szlovák, A. Loewe, G. Bitay, P. Gazdag, J. Prorok, N. Jost, J. Levijoki, P. Pollesello, J. G. Papp, A. Varró, and N. Nagy.
Novel Na/Ca Exchanger Inhibitor ORM-10962 Supports Coupled Function of Funny-Current and Na/Ca Exchanger in Pacemaking of Rabbit Sinus Node Tissue..
In Frontiers in Pharmacology, vol. 10, pp. 1632, 2020

Conference Contributions (1)

N. Nagy, A. Loewe, Z. Kohaida, K. Halász, N. Tóth, J. Levijoki, P. Pollesello, T. Koskelainen, L. Otsomaa, A. Tóth, J. Gy, and A. Varró.
Selective Inhibition of the Cardiac Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger by a Novel Compound ORM-10962 Modulates Spontaneous Automaticity.
In European Working Group on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology, 2017