IBT Publications by Piper

Journal Articles (2)

D. R. Piper, J. Rupp, F. B. Sachse, M. C. Sanguinetti, and M. Tristani-Firouzi.
Cooperative interactions between R531 and basic residues in the voltage sensing module of hERG1 channels.
In Cell Physiol Biochem, vol. 21(1-3) , pp. 37-46, 2008
K. Hong, D. R. Piper, A. Diaz-Valdecantos, J. Brugada, E. Burashnikov, J. Santos-de-Soto, J. Grueso-Montero, P. Brugada, F. B. Sachse, M. C. Sanguinetti, and R. Brugada.
De Novo KCNQ1 mutation responsible for atrial fibrillation and short QT syndrome in utero.
In Cardiovas. Res., vol. 68(3) , pp. 433-440, 2005