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Journal Articles (13)

N. Pilia, S. Schuler, M. Rees, G. Moik, D. Potyagaylo, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
Non-invasive localization of the ventricular excitation origin without patient-specific geometries using deep learning..
In Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, vol. 143, pp. 102619, 2023
N. Pilia, C. Nagel, G. Lenis, S. Becker, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
ECGdeli - An open source ECG delineation toolbox for MATLAB.
In SoftwareX, vol. 13, pp. 100639, 2021
N. Pilia, S. Severi, J. G. Raimann, S. Genovesi, O. Dössel, P. Kotanko, C. Corsi, and A. Loewe.
Quantification and classification of potassium and calcium disorders with the electrocardiogram: What do clinical studies, modeling, and reconstruction tell us?.
In APL Bioengineering, vol. 4(4) , pp. 041501, 2020
N. Pilia, C. Corsi, S. Severi, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
Reconstruction of Potassium Concentrations with the ECG on Imbalanced Datasets.
T. Huang, D. Nairn, J. Chen, B. Mueller-Edenborn, N. Pilia, L. Mayer, M. Eichenlaub, Z. Moreno-Weidmann, J. Allgeier, D. Trenk, C. Ahlgrim, D. Westermann, T. Arentz, A. Loewe, and A. Jadidi.
Structural and electrophysiological determinants of atrial cardiomyopathy identify remodeling discrepancies between paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation.
In Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, vol. 9, pp. 1-18, 2023
S. Schuler, N. Pilia, D. Potyagaylo, and A. Loewe.
Cobiveco: Consistent biventricular coordinates for precise and intuitive description of position in the heart – with MATLAB implementation.
In Medical Image Analysis, vol. 74, pp. 102247, 2021
C. Nagel, N. Pilia, A. Loewe, and O. Dössel.
Quantification of Interpatient 12-lead ECG Variabilities within a Healthy Cohort.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 6(3) , pp. 493-496, 2020
M. Hernández Mesa, N. Pilia, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
Influence of ECG Lead Reduction Techniques for Extracellular Potassium and Calcium Concentration Estimation.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 5(1) , pp. 69-72, 2019
S. Pollnow, N. Pilia, G. Schwaderlapp, A. Loewe, O. Dössel, and G. Lenis.
An adaptive spatio-temporal Gaussian filter for processing cardiac optical mapping data.
In Computers in Biology and Medicine, vol. 102, pp. 267-277, 2018
M. Hernández Mesa, N. Pilia, O. Dössel, S. Severi, and A. Loewe.
Effects of Serum Calcium Changes on the Cardiac Action Potential and the ECG in a Computational Model.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 4(1) , pp. 251-254, 2018
A. Loewe, M. Hernandez Mesa, N. Pilia, S. Severi, and O. Dössel.
A heterogeneous formulation of the Himeno et al. human ventricular myocyte model for simulation of Body Surface ECGs.
In Computing in Cardiology, vol. 45, 2018
G. Lenis, N. Pilia, A. Loewe, W. H. W. Schulze, and O. Dössel.
Comparison of Baseline Wander Removal Techniques considering the Preservation of ST Changes in the Ischemic ECG: A Simulation Study.
In Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, vol. 2017, pp. 9295029, 2017
G. Lenis, N. Pilia, T. Oesterlein, A. Luik, C. Schmitt, and O. Dössel.
P wave detection and delineation in the ECG based on the phase free stationary wavelet transform and using intracardiac atrial electrograms as reference.
In Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical Engineering, vol. 61(1) , pp. 37-56, 2016

Conference Contributions (7)

N. Pilia, M. Hernandez Mesa, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
ECG-based Estimation of Potassium and Calcium Concentrations: Proof of Concept with Simulated Data.
In IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC), pp. 2610-2613, 2019
N. Pilia, C. Ritter, D. Potyagaylo, W. H. W. Schulze, O. Dössel, and G. Lenis.
Determination of the excitation origin in the ventricles from the ECG using support vector regression.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 3(2) , pp. 257-260, 2017
N. Pilia, O. Dössel, G. Lenis, and A. Loewe.
ECG as a Tool to Estimate Potassium and Calcium Concentrations in the Extracellular Space.
In Computing in Cardiology, vol. 44, 2017
N. A. Pilia, G. Lenis, A. Loewe, W. H. W. Schulze, and . O. Dössel.
The impact of baseline wander removal techniques on the ST segment in simulated ischemic 12-lead ECG.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 1(1) , pp. 96-99, 2015
N. Pilia, G. Lenis, and O. Dössel.
Developing a robust method to delineate the P wave using information from intracardiac electrograms.
In Biosignalverarbeitung und Magnetische Methoden in der Medizin. Proceedings BBS 2014, pp. 2, 2013
C. Nagel, N. Pilia, L. Unger, and O. Dössel.
Performance of Different Atrial Conduction Velocity Estimation Algorithms Improves with Knowledge about the Depolarization Pattern.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 5(1) , pp. 101-104, 2019
A. Loewe, E. Poremba, T. G. Oesterlein, N. Pilia, M. Pfeiffer, O. Doessel, and S. Speidel.
An Interactive Virtual Reality Environment for Analysis of Clinical Atrial Arrhythmias and Ablation Planning.
In 2017 Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), vol. 44, 2017

Dissertations (1)

N. A. Pilia.
Electrocardiogram Signal Analysis and Simulations for Non-Invasive Diagnosis.
Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT). Dissertation. 2021

Student Theses (1)

N. A. Pilia.
A robust method to detect and characterise the P wave in the electrocardiogram.
Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Bachelorarbeit. 2013