IBT Publications by Mayer

Journal Articles (1)

G. Luongo, F. Rees, D. Nairn, M. W. Rivolta, O. Dössel, R. Sassi, C. Ahlgrim, L. Mayer, F.-J. Neumann, T. Arentz, A. Jadidi, A. Loewe, and B. Müller-Edenborn.
Machine Learning Using a Single-Lead ECG to Identify Patients With Atrial Fibrillation-Induced Heart Failure.
In Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, vol. 9, 2022

Book Chapters (1)

F. B. Sachse, G. Seemann, and R. Mayer.
Modelling of Electro-Mechanics in the Heart: Mathematical and Numerical Aspects.
In High Performance Scientific Computing, Scientific Supercomputing Center Karlsruhe, pp. 36-37, 2003