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T. Bluth, T. Kiss, M. Kircher, A. Braune, C. Bozsak, R. Huhle, M. Scharffenberg, M. Herzog, J. Roegner, P. Herzog, L. Vivona, M. Millone, O. Dössel, M. Andreeff, T. Koch, J. Kotzerke, B. Stender, and M. Gama de Abreu.
Measurement of relative lung perfusion with electrical impedance and positron emission tomography: an experimental comparative study in pigs..
In British journal of anaesthesia, vol. 123(2) , pp. 246-254, 2019
D. Drung, E. Dantsker, F. Ludwig, H. Koch, R. Kleiner, J. Clarke, S. Krey, D. D. Reimer, B. David, and O. Doessel.
Low noise YBa2Cu3O7-x SQUID magnetometers operated with additional positive feedback.
In Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 68(13) , 1996

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