IBT Publications by Heilmann

Journal Articles (2)

M. Schwarz, M. W. Krueger, H.-.. J. Busch, C. Benk, and C. Heilmann.
Model-Based Assessment of Tissue Perfusion and Temperature in Deep Hypothermic Patients.
In IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol. 57(7) , pp. 1577-1586, 2010
M. Schwarz, C. Heilmann, M. W. Krueger, and U. Kiencke.
Model based monitoring of hypothermic patients.
In Metrology and Measurement Systems(Vol. 16, nr 3) , pp. 443-455, 2009

Conference Contributions (1)

M. W. Krueger, M. Schwarz, C. Heilmann, and O. Doessel.
A real-time haemodynamics-based temperature model for hypothermic patients.
In IV International Conference on Computational Bioengineering, Book of Abstracts, 2009