IBT Publications by Graf

Journal Articles (2)

I. M. Graf, O. Dössel, G. Seemann, and D. L. Weiss.
Influence of electrophysiological heterogeneity on electrical stimulation in healthy and failing human hearts.
In Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, vol. 43(6) , pp. 783-792, 2005
R. Miri, I. M. Graf, J. V. Bayarri, and O. Dössel.
Applicability of body surface potential map in computerized optimization of biventricular pacing.
In Annals of Biomedical Engineering, vol. 38(3) , pp. 865-875, 2010

Conference Contributions (3)

I. M. Graf, O. Dössel, and G. Seemann.
Theoretical research on the influence of defibrillator paddle position on the human ventricular myocardium.
In Proc. CinC, vol. 31, pp. 97-101, 2004
R. Miri, I. M. Graf, and O. Dössel.
Efficiency of timing delays and electrode positions in optimization of biventricular pacing: a simulation study.
In IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, vol. 56(11) , pp. 2573-2582, 2009
C. Weichelt, J. Kuß, P. Cimalla, D. Graf, P. Duscha, J. Steffen, W. Nahm, R. Steinmeier, and U. Morgenstern.
Development of a Flow Phantom to Verify the Evaluation of Cerebral Blood Flow by ICG-Fluorescence Video Analysis.
In IFMBE Proceedings, vol. 25(4) , pp. 1448-1451, 2009

Dissertations (1)

I. M. Graf.
Electrical stimulation of the human left ventricle.
Universität Karlsruhe (TH). Dissertation. 2005