IBT Publications by Fröhlich

Journal Articles (2)

T. Gerach, S. Schuler, J. Fröhlich, L. Lindner, E. Kovacheva, R. Moss, E. M. Wülfers, G. Seemann, C. Wieners, and A. Loewe.
Electro-Mechanical Whole-Heart Digital Twins: A Fully Coupled Multi-Physics Approach.
In Mathematics, vol. 9(11) , pp. 1247, 2021
V. Hoffmann, D. Fröhlich, G. Gauglitz, U. Hellstern, S. Kohlhage, W. Nahm, K. Nuβbaumer, and D. Oelkrug.
Spectroscopical examination of photopolymerization, structure and permeability of thin polymers films.
In Journal of Molecular Structure, vol. 293, pp. 253-256, 1993