IBT Publications by Bridge

Journal Articles (2)

B. C. Schwab, G. Seemann, R. A. Lasher, N. S. Torres, E. M. Wulfers, F. B. Sachse, M. Arp, E. D. Carruth, and J. H. B. Bridge.
Quantitative analysis of cardiac tissue including fibroblasts using three-dimensional confocal microscopy and image reconstruction: Towards a basis for electrophysiological modeling.
In IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol. 32(5) , pp. 862-872, 2013
E. Savio-Galimberti, J. Frank, M. Inoue, J. I. Goldhaber, M. B. Cannell, J. H. B. Bridge, and F. B. Sachse.
Novel features of the rabbit transverse tubular system revealed by quantitative analysis of three-dimensional reconstructions from confocal images.
In Biophys J, vol. 95(4) , pp. 2053-2062, 2008

Conference Contributions (9)

J. H. B. Bridge, E. Savio-Galimberti, and F. B. Sachse.
Confocal imaging of t-tubules and ryanodine receptors suggest that local control theories cannot explain excitation-contraction coupling in heart.
In J Physiol, 2008
J. H. B. Bridge, E. Savio, J. Goldhaber, C. Davidson, and F. B. Sachse.
Sparks evoked by cardiac action potentials are synchronized by the Na current and Na-Ca exchange: Studies on the function of couplons.
In Proc. XXII Latin-American and 1st Ibero-American Congress of Physiological Science, 2006
T. Seidel, C. Selzman, D. Diakos, A. G. Kfoury, W. T. Caine, L. McCreath, J. H. B. Bridge, S. Drakos, and F. B. .. Sachse.
Towards Prediction of Favorable Cardiac Functional Response During LVAD Unloading by Microstructural Analysis of Cardiac Tissue.
In Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium, 2016
N. S. Torres, E. M. Wülfers, H. Li, F. B. Sachse, and J. H. B. Bridge.
Microstructural remodeling of ventricular myocytes from myocardial infarction.
In Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium, vol. 2(1) , 2014
E. M. Wülfers, N. S. Torres, G. Lenis, H. Li, O. Dössel, G. Seemann, J. H. B. Bridge, and F. B. Sachse.
An automated approach to analyze microstructural remodeling from confocal microscopies of ventricular myocytes from diseased hearts.
In Biomedizinische Technik / Biomedical Engineering, vol. 57(s1) , pp. 46, 2012
F. B. Sachse, E. Savio-Galimberti, J. I. Goldhaber, and J. H. B. Bridge.
Sub-micrometer anatomical models of the sarcolemma of cardiac myocytes based on confocal imaging.
In Pac Symp Biocomp, vol. 13, pp. 390-401, 2008
E. Savio, J. Frank, M. Inoue, J. I. Goldhaber, M. B. Cannell, J. H. B. Bridge, and F. B. Sachse.
High-resolution three-dimensional confocal microscopy reveals novel structures in rabbit ventricular myocyte t-tubules.
In Biophys. J (Annual Meeting Abstracts), 2007
E. Savio, J. I. Goldhaber, J. H. B. Bridge, and F. B. Sachse.
A framework for analyzing confocal images of transversal tubules in cardiomyocytes.
In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4466, pp. 110-119, 2007
F. B. Sachse, B. W. Steadman, J. H. B. Bridge, B. B. Punske, and B. Taccardi.
Conduction Velocity in Myocardium Modulated by Strain: Measurement Instrumentation and Initial Results.
In Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, vol. 5, pp. 3593-3596, 2004