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M. Y. Cao, C. H. Ye, O. Doessel, and C. Liu.
Spherical parameter detection based on hierarchical Hough transform.
In Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 27(9) , pp. 980-986, 2006
A. Loewe, Y. Lutz, D. Nairn, A. Fabbri, N. Nagy, N. Toth, X. Ye, D. H. Fuertinger, S. Genovesi, P. Kotanko, J. G. Raimann, and S. Severi.
Hypocalcaemia-Induced Slowing of Human Sinus Node Pacemaking.
In Biophysical Journal, 2019

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D. Nairn, X. Ye, D. H. Fuertinger, P. Kotanko, A. Loewe, and J. Raimann.
FP616 Low Serum Calcium is Correlated with Lower Heart Rate in Elderly Dialysis Patients.
In Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, vol. 34(S1) , 2019

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