IBT Publications by Rivolta

Conference Contributions (2)

G. Luongo, S. Schuler, M. W. Rivolta, O. Dössel, R. Sassi, and A. Loewe.
Automatic classification of 20 different types of atrial tachycardia using 12-lead ECG signals.
In EP Europace, vol. 22(Supplement_1) , 2020
G. Luongo, L. Azzolin, M. W. Rivolta, R. Sassi, J. P. Martinez, P. Laguna, O. Doessel, and A. Loewe.
Non-invasive identification of atrial fibrillation driver location using the 12-lead ECG: pulmonary vein rotors vs. other locations.
In EMBC 20, 2020