IBT Publications by Nahme

Journal Articles (4)

G. Balssen, O. Dössel, H. Nahme, and N. Schwenter.
Stimulated emission in argon crystal around 10eV.
In Journal of Luminescence, vol. 24/25(Pt 2) , pp. 535-538, 1981
O. Doessel, H. Nahme, R. Haensel, and N. Schwenter.
Transient absorption and luminescence of rare gas crystals.
In J. Chem. Phys., vol. 79(2) , pp. 665-670, 1983
T. Kessler, H. Nahme, N. Schwenter, and O. Dössel.
Hot electron plasma of high density in Xe and Kr crystals.
In Optics Communications, vol. 55(1) , pp. 22-27, 1985
T. Schröder, O. Dössel, H. Nahme, and N. Schwentner.
Transient Absorption of Xe and Kr Guest Atoms in Ar Crystals.
In Physica Status Solidi (b), vol. 131(2) , pp. 741-746, 1985

Conference Contributions (1)

N. Schwenter, O. Dössel, and H. Nahme.
Stimulated vacuum ultraviolet emission from rare gas crystals.
In AIP Conf. Proc., vol. 90, pp. 163-176, 1982