IBT Publications by Karle

Journal Articles (3)

D. Hassel, E. P. Scholz, N. Trano, O. Friedrich, S. Just, B. Meder, D. L. Weiss, E. Zitron, S. Marquardt, C. A. Karle, G. Seemann, M. C. Fishman, H. A. Katus, and W. Rottbauer.
Deficient zebrafish ether-a-go-go-related gene channel gating causes short-QT syndrome in zebrafish reggae mutants.
In Circulation, vol. 117(7) , pp. 866--875, 2008
D. Scherer, D. Hassel, R. Bloehs, E. Zitron, K. von Lowenstern, C. Seyler, D. Thomas, F. Konrad, H. F. Burgers, G. Seemann, W. Rottbauer, H. A. Katus, C. A. Karle, and E. P. Scholz.
Selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor atomoxetine directly blocks hERG currents.
In British Journal of Pharmacology, vol. 156(2) , pp. 226-236, 2009
E. P. Scholz, F. M. Konrad, D. L. Weiss, E. Zitron, C. Kiesecker, R. Bloehs, M. Kulzer, D. Thomas, S. Kathöfer, A. Bauer, M. H. Maurer, G. Seemann, H. A. Katus, and C. A. Karle.
Anticholinergic antiparkinson drug orphenadrine inhibits HERG channels: block attenuation by mutations of the pore residues Y652 or F656.
In Naunyn-Schmiedebergís Arch. Pharmacol., vol. 376(4) , pp. 275-284, 2007