IBT Publications by Kalkman

Journal Articles (3)

E. Kochs, C. J. Kalkman, C. Thornton, D. Newton, P. Bischoff, H. Kuppe, J. Abke, E. Konecny, W. Nahm, and G. Stockmanns.
Middle latency auditory evoked responses and electroencephalographic derived variables do not predict movement to noxious stimulation during 1 minimum alveolar anesthetic concentration isoflurane/nitrous oxide anesthesia..
In Anesthesia and analgesia, vol. 88(6) , pp. 1412-7, 1999
E. Kochs, G. Stockmanns, C. Thornton, W. Nahm, and C. J. Kalkman.
Wavelet analysis of middle latency auditory evoked responses: calculation of an index for detection of awareness during propofol administration..
In Anesthesiology, vol. 95(5) , pp. 1141-50, 2001
G. Schneider, W. Nahm, E. F. Kochs, P. Bischoff, C. J. Kalkman, H. Kuppe, and C. Thornton.
Quality of perioperative AEP--variability of expert ratings.
In British Journal of Anaesthesia, vol. 91(6) , pp. 905-8, 2003

Conference Contributions (1)

W. Nahm, G. Stockmanns, C. J. Kalkman, C. Thornton, P. Bischoff, and E. Kochs.
Interobserver-variability for evaluation of middle latency auditory evoked potential during anesthesia.
In Anesthesiology, vol. 89(3A) , pp. A942, 1998