IBT Publications by Hoppe

Conference Contributions (2)

B. David, O. Dössel, V. Doormann, R. Eckart, W. Hoppe, J. Kruger, H. Laudan, and G. Rabe.
The development of a high-Tc magnetocardiography system for unshielded environment.
In Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 7(2 Pt 3) , pp. 3267-3270, 1997
O. Dössel, U. Katscher, T. Köhler, M. Fuchs, H. Wischmann, M. Wagner, R. Drenckhahn, and W. Hoppe.
Imaging properties of "myocardial current imaging".
In BIOMAG 96: Proc. of the thent International Conference on Biomagnetism, Vol. I & II, pp. 201-204, 2000