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A. Fabbri, A. Loewe, R. Wilders, and S. Severi.
Propagation of the primary pacemaker activity in the human heart: a computational approach.
In European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference (EMBEC), vol. 65, pp. 201, 2017
A. Fabbri, A. Loewe, R. Wilders, and S. Severi.
Pace-and-Drive of the Human Sinoatrial Node – A Preliminary Computational Investigation.
In Computing in Cardiology, vol. 44, 2017
A. Loewe, Y. Lutz, A. Fabbri, and S. Severi.
Severe sinus bradycardia due to electrolyte changes as a pathomechanism of sudden cardiac death in chronic kidney disease patients undergoing hemodialysis.
In Heart Rhythm, vol. 15(5S) , pp. S354-S355, 2018
A. Loewe, Y. Lutz, A. Fabbri, S. Severi, G. Seemann, and D. Dössel.
Influence of Electrolyte Concentration Changes on Sinus Node Function - A new Player Regarding Sudden Cardiac Death in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease?.
In Gordon Research Conference on Cardiac Arrhythmia Mechanisms, 2017
S. Severi, A. Fabbri, M. Paci, R. Wilders, Y. Lutz, and A. Loewe.
Computational Modeling of the Cardiac Pacemaking in Humans.
In INdAM Workshop on Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of the Cardiovascular System, 2018