IBT Publications by Dossel

Journal Articles (2)

A. Loewe, M. W. Krueger, F. Holmqvist, O. Dossel, G. Seemann, and P. G. Platonov.
Influence of the earliest right atrial activation site and its proximity to interatrial connections on P-wave morphology.
In Europace, vol. 18(suppl 4) , pp. iv35-iv43, 2016
A. Loewe, Y. Lutz, M. Wilhelms, D. Sinnecker, P. Barthel, E. P. Scholz, O. Dossel, G. Schmidt, and G. Seemann.
In-silico assessment of the dynamic effects of amiodarone and dronedarone on human atrial patho-electrophysiology.
In Europace, vol. 16(suppl 4) , pp. iv30-iv38, 2014

Conference Contributions (1)

S. Bauer, J.-C. Edelmann, G. Seemann, F. B. Sachse, and O. Dossel.
Estimating intracellular conductivity tensors from confocal microscopy of rabbit ventricular tissue.
In Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical Engineering, vol. 58(s1) , 2013